We think of ourselves as (marketing) DJs

Like DJs who play gem tracks, we use the best marketing theories, frameworks, and tools and mix them with our experience. We will help you to tune in to your crowd and play the best tracks at the perfect time to create a beautiful experience for them.

We met one perfect Summer’s night on Crete. Of course, we decided that the music was just right. And to make a very long story, which also involved creating three beautiful children, short; we created Oktorise.

The idea was if we combined Aleks’s considerable marketing experience with Deborah’s rounded perspective from a background in healthcare and a love of the written word, we could make the most difference. Plus, we got to work together!


Just like us, your ‘life’ is entwined with your work-life. That’s why it’s so important, not only that your business succeeds, but that you enjoy the process.

But there’s an elephant in the room!
That’s the ‘yuck’ factor around marketing. There are so many wonderful and interesting things in this world. But one of the things that we’re NOT interested in is manipulative, tricky marketing. And we don’t have to be because quality marketing is neither. And it works better.

When marketing is done in a principled way and has measurable results, it’s enjoyable. That’s why we break down marketing so that leaders have a clear understanding of it, lose their aversion to it, then use it to change the course of their businesses.

Because music is our spice in life, we like to think of ourselves as marketing DJ’s. Like DJ’s who find gem tracks to play, we use the best marketing theories, frameworks and tools and mix them with our experience. Top DJs understand and tune in with their crowd and we’ll help you to tune in to your crowd and play the best tracks at the perfect time to create a beautiful experience for them.

We specialize in supporting leaders to set up their business’s digital marketing foundations. We also help them create and run their marketing functions, especially with our practical marketing plans and digital marketing. These services help to consistently grow sales while spending the least bandwidth possible on marketing. At the same time, they are clear guides to making the most of each precious resource, so businesses can grow sustainably into the future.

People really love their businesses. And we see with what pleasure they go to work when their customers love them. We want to help your business provide for the life you dream of.

Who do we work with?

We work with business leaders who feel that their businesses could be doing better. Our guidance is suitable for any company; however, we have the most experience working with mid-sized businesses and they have the muscle to execute their plans. We’ll make your business stronger and your life easier.


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