What Businesses Need To Focus on for an Easier And Better Year

Hello to you in 2022!

May this be a better and easier year for you all. And may you find your work compelling.

It’s hard, otherwise, to feel happy and motivated to spend the necessary amounts of time and energy there.

That’s why who you work with is so important. Of course, that’s within your own company. But also, it’s the customers and clients with who you constantly interact.  

When you choose the right customer for you, you create the circumstances for intrinsic motivation – that high-quality motivation that gives rise to the best long-term outcomes. Meaning that your business will be more profitable, and connecting with your customers will be more pleasurable. Choosing the ideal customer for you is essential to making your work and life easier and more rewarding. 

In our case, we work with people when it is clear we can help them, plus they are people who energize us. It’s always a symbiotic relationship. The right clients give our work meaning. In turn, our clients benefit from our heightened levels of creativity, persistence and motivation.

Who you work with is a living thing.

Many businesses develop buyer personas of their ideal customers to help them connect. Be sure to revisit them as your internal and external circumstances change – which, considering the times we are in, is likely to be now! 

We like to imagine what our customer thinks and feels as they go about their day. That way, we can empathize and identify with them. This practice keeps us engaged and ensures we serve them in the best ways possible.

Here’s an example

Meet Sam, a fictional buyer persona we’ve developed which helps us envisage one of our target segments.

Sam runs his own business, something he’s always wanted to do. Good Hydrations designs and manufactures high-end water dispensers. And because they allow more people to enjoy the outdoors in a sustainable way, it’s satisfying work.

Just quietly, Sam dreams of one day passing his business on to one of his daughters. He wants to grow it first, though.

Then again, maybe he’ll end up selling it. Either way, he wants to increase the business’s value.

And that’s what keeps him up at night.

Business is definitely busy. But are the financial rewards reflecting that amount of busyness? Sam has many responsibilities and feels pulled in multiple directions. So he’s not as productive at work as he knows he should be. And Sam’s not spending enough quality time with the other important people in his life. For sure, he needs to be more strategic with his time, but that’s easier said than done.

Mainly Sam feels uneasy because the interest in Good Hydrations isn’t consistent. Surely with all the resources he and his company put into ‘marketing’, they should be seeing better results? But all Sam hears is noise around his marketing. It would be a weight off his shoulders if he had a predictable source of customers. After all, he knows he has a fantastic product – if only more people could see its value!

That said, Sam has no interest in being one of those ‘salesy’, pushy companies. He also distrusts the marketing industry and feels like they’re all out to take advantage of him. (Sam’s not yet aware that he can choose marketing that builds trust instead of eroding it.)

Sam knows that marketing is a crucial aspect of any business and reflects that if he understood more, he’d be able to take full advantage of it. But marketing, especially digital marketing, seems so esoteric to him. If only, as with other aspects of his business, there were clear and proven processes to follow, he’d feel more capable.

As a thoughtful person, Sam considers what success would look like for him. What would give him peace of mind?

Firstly, he wants to be and feel on top of things at work. No more racing to get things done when he’s not even sure they’re the right things to do. No more feeling like he’s missing out because he’s not clear on the best ways to invest his resources.

And he wants to be able to be sure that his suppliers and marketers are delivering on their promises. Because Sam is a perfectionist professionally, he has high expectations from all his suppliers and his own company and staff.

In fact, if all his staff were happy and engaged at work, and business was obviously improving, he’d feel satisfied and take greater pleasure from work.

Sometimes, Sam considers throwing in the towel and finding work with fewer responsibilities. But never for long. Because really, he loves his business; he just needs a better version of it.

Insights into Sam’s thoughts and feelings direct us in several ways. One of those is how we can make his life better.

Sam needs to be less overwhelmed and time-poor, and more in control. We can help by teaching him and his colleagues about effective digital marketing, a transparent step-by-step process. Then we can teach them how to implement it and measure its effectiveness.

We’ll guide him to create his strategy. And his business will know which tactics to direct time to each day. He won’t feel ‘salesy’ and won’t have to commit to huge overheads. He’ll gain confidence. And his staff will value his leadership even more.

With all that marketing noise gone, Sam feels present at work and with family and friends. Riding to work, working productively, enjoying weekends away with family – he feels good about life.

We help our target client reach their target customer. So they can feel free like Sam. And that’s what makes our work compelling.

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