Easy Does It. Reflections for a Better Year Ahead

What a year 2021 has been!

For most people, it’s been a bit of a shocker, in one way or another. Even for those who’ve managed to achieve great results, it’s come at a price. 

So let’s relax, recuperate, and perhaps reflect on how we can make 2022 better.

What if ‘better’ is also easier? What if we’re making things harder than they need to be?

What could happen in your life if the easy but pointless things became harder, and the essential things became easier?’ asks Greg McKeown, author of the books, Essentialism and Effortless.

So we asked ourselves; From a business’s perspective, what’s essential? The answer: Customers.

Which begged the question; How do we make it easier to have customers? The answer: Knowing them well.

So as you relax, soaking up the sun and those festive vibes, you might like to take a look at the people around you. And ask yourself, who would you be excited to work with? Who would you enjoy connecting and interacting with? Who could benefit most from what you offer? Indeed, who would you love to be your ideal customer?

Muse about the life they lead – their story. What do they do for work and play? How do they relax? What keeps them awake at night? Do they play sport, go to the theatre? What are their pet peeves, and what do they love? Where do they go on holiday, and where do they go to be informed and entertained? Who influences them, and who, in turn, do they influence?

For now, let your story steep, giving you more of a feel for your customer. And that’s enough.

After the break, we’ll dig into more marketing-specific aspects of your target audience. Because once we’ve understood what is essential (our customer), we’ll know how to approach them, communicate with them. We’ll know what they truly want.

The last couple of years has rubbed our noses in the fact that there is much that we can’t control. But why not be intentional about what we can? Let’s not make things harder than they need to be.

Once you know your customer, your impact and effectiveness will be optimized. Or, to put it another way, everything will be easier.

So here’s to making things easier for ourselves and others in 2022!

Wishing you all a happy Christmas and revitalizing holidays,

Aleks & Deborah


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