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Marketing broken down for you to understand, enjoy and succeed.

What is Marketing and Why Businesses Should Care

Our businesses can provide for the life we dream of, and be so valuable to our customers that it is a pleasure to work. Your business can be irreplaceable, adored, and a marketing function can do it for you. But….

What is a Marketing Plan?

Even when you know about marketing, it can still seem abstract and overwhelming when you try to apply it to your business. With so many balls in the air, most business owners prefer to spend the least bandwidth possible on marketing. At the same time, you want to feel confident that what you’re doing is extremely effective.

Unsure how to steer your business into this uncertain future? Here is the key.

If you’re a leader navigating your business through these uncertain times, the obstacles can seem overwhelming. It’s a relief to know there’s one truism that will always remain the same, regardless of the turbulence around you.

Dream often, dream big! But also, read this.

‘Life’s greatest regret is not to reach your full potential.’ I think this quote applies as much to companies as to individuals. Some people are happy just to make a living out of their business. Others aim to pass…

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