What is a Marketing Plan?

Even when you know about marketing, it can still seem abstract and overwhelming when you try to apply it to your business. With so many balls in the air, most business owners prefer to spend the least bandwidth possible on marketing. At the same time, you want to feel confident that what you’re doing is highly effective.

This is the beauty of marketing plans.

They are living documents that clearly articulate your specific business goals, then take you carefully through the steps to achieving them.

Once created, marketing plans act as a filter to guide you through all of your marketing opportunities. So instead of worrying about ineffective and costly decisions, you can make a marketing plan and move forward. Then it’s a valuable tool for you to refer to whenever you need guidance in the future.

By its nature, a quality marketing plan is a simple document. Strategic marketing plans will step you through complex business environments when designed by experts with creativity and vision. The best is refreshingly jargon-free, easy to understand and therefore, implement.

Notably, a good marketing plan is relevant to the entire organisation, not just its marketing function. So its creation is a joint effort involving all key business areas from finance and product development to sales and marketing. It’s a unifying and motivating project with big rewards. And it’s a powerful guide and support for solopreneurs.

Do You Need a Marketing Plan?

If you’re happy to spend hours every day on marketing, and you’re confident that you know exactly where your business is going and how to get there, maybe you don’t need a marketing plan.

So it’s a trick question; every business needs one!

Leadership teams find that their marketing function becomes clear to them if they have a marketing plan. They can see exactly what needs to be done to achieve their goals and how to do it.

Because while uncertainty is paralysing, clarity is energising. Marketing plans give businesses clarity, take out the guesswork and reduce risk.

They are the one resource that will optimise every resource your business has.

In short, from one-person businesses to huge multinationals, NFPs, privately-held or public, every organisation needs a marketing plan.

As a living document, quality marketing plans are designed to readily evolve as conditions change. So ensuring your company is adaptable and resilient. As a result, marketing plans are instrumental in times of upheaval, such as now with COVID-19.

Oktorise marketing plans, which we develop together with our clients, are a long-term investment for your company. They’re easy to understand and enjoyable to use. And once created, they provide a motivating platform that will keep your entire organisation aligned.

Get in touch so we can make the most of every resource you have – your businesses’ most efficient path to full potential.

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